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Ace of Spades Farm CSA Schedule

Alex Ekins

In order to help answer questions about what exactly to expect in each share here is a basic guide.

The idea is to provide seasonally appropriate culinary vegetables directly to you for a value of $25/week.

That is less than $5 a day for the very best local farm fresh food. 

Share 1 (June 13): spinach, radishes, kale, arugula and cilantro + micro greens

Share 2 (June 20): lettuce, turnips, beets, green onions, broccoli, mustard greens and dill + micro greens

Share 3 (June 27): lettuce, spinach, radishes, cucumbers, summer squash, kale, garlic scapes, basil and snow/snap peas + micro greens

Shares 4 to 17 (July 4 to October 3) lettuce and subject to availability, carrots, turnips, beets, swiss chard, cucumbers, tomatoes, summer squash, snow/snap peas, beans, fennel, broccoli, garlic, onions, basil, eggplants, potatoes, peppers, leeks, gourds, prunes, maybe melons and herbs + micro greens

Share 18-20 (October 10 to end of season) lettuce, carrots, turnips, cucumbers, tomatoes, garlic, leeks arugula, potatoes, peppers, cilantro, winter squash and kale + micro greens


Spend your food dollars wisely.



The growing season is between the last frost date and the first frost date. That can be anywhere from 100 to 150 days from around May to October. 

Here is a basic Planting Schedule for this region:

On or around Mach 1: (about 10 weeks from last frost) Start cabbage, broccoli, pepper plants

On or about April 1 t0 15: (4 to 6 weeks from last frost) Start tomato, eggplant and set out onions

On or about April 15 to May 1: (2 to 4 weeks from last frost) Start cucumbers, melon, squash and set out radish, peas, chives, lettuce, spinach

Moving out doors on about May 1 to 15: (2 weeks from last frost) Plant beets, carrots, turnips, potatoes and transplant cabbage, broccoli

On or about May 15 to June 1: (on last frost date) Plant beans, corn and transplant cucumbers, melons and squash

On or about June 1 to 15: (2 to 4 weeks after last frost) Plant carrots and transplant tomatoes, peppers and eggplant


Plantings follow one another in the same location. For example:

  • April 15: Plant snap peas (70 days to maturity)  Harvest June 25
  • June 25: Transplant peppers (60 days to maturity) Harvest September 1
  • September 1: Plant kale (45 days to maturity) Harvest October 15


As you can see these are very basic guidelines and must be adjusted to yearly conditions.

I hope this helps you to understand the seasonality and timing of vegetable cultivation. 

Please leave questions and comments below.

Your farmer and friend,


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2019 Traditional CSA Vegetable Box

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Support our farm’s sustainability ahead of time in exchange for a weekly delivery of local, organically produced, freshly harvested, seasonal vegetables.

Large Weekly Produce Box for 2019 in Spokane, WA USA.

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