Ace of Spades Farm

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August 4 CSA Contents

Alex Ekins

This weeks contents include:

Grey Baby Zuch 

Baby Neon Lights Swiss Chard:  So gorgeous!

Purple 68 Carrots:  Great roasted.

Lettuce Mix: Garnet Rose, Trout Back, Freckles.  I managed to grow this in the shade under the kale.

Bull's Blood Beets:  Pickled or Candied

Baby Siberian Kale:  You know we are winning when Walmart sells organic baby kale for $6 a pound.  I grew this and cut it this morning! Priceless. 


Full Leaf Neon Lights Swiss Chard:  Juice the stems!

Collard Greens: They never end!

Baking Apples: Just a few left until Fall

Thyme:  If you haven't used it yet you can also dry it and store for the winter.

Half dozen freedom eggs!  The hens have been loving this maple tree's shade this past week!