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Thank You Wandering Table

Alex Ekins

I love when a restaurant is willing to take risks.  That is what the Wandering Table does.  

By finding new inspiration in unique ingredients, this joint always offers flavorful and exciting plates.  

Thank you for purchasing my Bull's Blood Beet Greens!


Many people don't know that the Beet Green is edible or that Chard is a beet bred for its greens rather than the roots.

So lets get old school on some beet greens.  They are excellent paired with any protein.

The stems can be cut to length and pickled for a vibrant winter snack or garnish.  Don't forget to shred the baby beet on a salad or juice that.  

Beets are so versatile, gorgeous and make for a very healthy individual. 

So get out to the Wandering Table and with your mouth full ask your server for more local food!