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June 30 CSA Contents

Alex Ekins

This weeks contents include:

Big Wild Siberian Kale Mix:  Big fat kale for all your kale needs. Try making some chips!

Half Dozen Eggs: Hard boil for an on the go snack

Bunched Bull's Blood Beets: Get adventurous and pickle the stem. Eat beets raw by lightly skinning the beet, then shred with coarse cheese grater over salad.  

Spicy Mesclun Mix:  Wonderful mesclun greens mix.  A robust, diverse greens blend.

Spring Salad Mix: The last few remaining flavors of spring.  Great with all your grilling.

Golden Ball Turnip: Sweet, mellow and smooth. Try mashed or roasted. This is an old French variety.  Turnips are a forgotten food that has been used since the times of Rome.  

Garlic Scapes:  These are a once a year delight. These are the flowering buds of hard neck garlic. Cut like would any green onion or chive.  Excellent flavor, can be used like garlic in any dish. 

As always..

Thank you all for your support and kind words.  Know it is so rewarding to see the smiles on your faces and hear your surprise at how delicious veggies can be!

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Alexander Ekins

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