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Alex Ekins

Thank You Central Food for your purchase!  

Those Pink Beauty Radish have been knocking folk's socks off! 


When I first got back into Spokane this past November, Lu and I went for a walk from the family house on 3rd Ave down to People's Park and across the new pedestrian bridge which links up with Kendal Yards.  My head was spinning with ideas about the farm.  My sister had told me of a little joint at the end of the path that I might like.  Sister Rose and I helped run some places in our college days and have always had an affinity for counter top service and a spinning stool.

Central Food just felt right. 

Weather worn vegetables growing in bins on the sidewalk, a view of downtown, an open kitchen, cordial and knowledgable staff.  It smelled hearty. The place felt present.  I could look West out the window and see the top of the Palisades where the farm is.   

This was definitely a place to sell my product to.  This was a place to have as a friend and ally.

I want to say thank you to David Blaine for all of his tremendous dedication to local food.  I sincerely look forward to working with you into the future. 

If : You love local food, want to support real tried and true small local business that puts its money where its mouth is...

Then:  I highly encourage you and every one you know to eat every single meal every single day at Central Food.


Your friend and farmer,