Ace of Spades Farm

Flavor Beauty Health

June 23 CSA Contents

Alex Ekins

This weeks growies include:

Early Wonder Beets: These just straight up exploded this week.   These are an heirloom red beet.  Sweet, flavorful and versatile vegetable. 

 You can eat the beet greens just like you would chard.  In fact Swiss Chard is a beet that was bred not to make a beet so don't be scared! So you get the greens and the root in one vegetable.

Can be boiled, roasted or skinned and shredded into salads. Get creative and pickle your beets or make beet kimchee.

My favorite way to eat beets is to bring them to a boil, simmer until just fork tender. You want them to nearly be cooked all the way through.  Empty the water in a colander and quickly run cold water over the beets.  As you are doing this squeeze the skin off of the beet.  It should come off super easy if you move fast.  

Just don't get the beet juice on your clothes!!!

Now that the beets are cooked put them in the fridge until cool. Take the chilled beets and slice them in 1/4 inch rounds.  Not too thick, not too thin. Place in a bowl and drizzle balsamic vinegar over them letting it soak in a little.  Now take your favorite goat cheese and crumble over the top.  Enjoy!

Spring Greens Mix: Mix include Arugula, Bull's Blood Beet Greens, Red Russian Kale, Purple Mizuna Mustard, Cherry Belle Radish Greens and Salad Burnet! 

Absolutely beautiful spring greens mix.  Enjoy with a vinaigrette for a stand alone stunning bed of greens. 

Wild Kale: A mix of Siberian Kale.  Purple, green and blues. A delightful braising mix, sautéed or fresh as a salad. 

Pink Beauty Radish: This will be the last round of the Pink Beauty I think.  I hope you all aren't radished out!  These are the best with breakfast I think.  A little salt on a fresh slice adds a pep to your morning diet.  Make some salsa and tacos and get down on them. 

Collards: This might be nearly the last of the collards until late summer.  Enjoy this wonderful nutrient rich green in fried rice with the eggs! Great in any asian dish.

Basil: Purple and Greek  

I like to take some basil and put it in a big jug of water.  Makes a very refreshing drink.  Add it to your gin and tonic perhaps.  Sprinkle on tomatoes. Compliments garlic. 

Plus Basil is great for if you are feeling a little down as it stimulate the adrenal cortex and kidneys. 


Arugula: Last run of the spicy rocket Arugula.  The tastes of spring are fading to the summer. 

Half Dozen Smack Your Mama Delicious Eggs!


P.S.  I would like to remind everyone that it is proper kitchen etiquette to wash your vegetables before using.  I take food safety seriously and do all I can to prevent any food born yuckies from coming into contact with any produce and yet, I still encourage everyone to give things a little wash.  

P.S.S.  Please return the small reusable containers and ice bottles with your coolers when possible. Thank You.