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June 16 2015 CSA Contents

Alex Ekins

This weeks contents include:

Pink Beauty Radish:

Hot Pink, root on, green top. This fun radish is  great as a snack, sliced into every salad, added to fresh salsa, tacos, in eggs, and is great as a hot dog topping!  I eat mine raw with a little salt on them.  A spicy and colorful addition. 

Micro Greens: Radish Cotyledons, Chard True Leaves, Baby Spinach, Wild Kale, Mustard Greens and more..

These are the young tiny leaves of many different plants.  These are spicy, vibrant, colorful and nutrient rich greens.  Use on sandwiches, on your eggs in the morning, as a salad, top a grass fed steak with them or just eat as a fresh snack.

Collards: Medium to large flat round fan like leaves. I am super excited about this crop.  Usually used as a southern ‘collard green’ side dish.  But young it is full of rich anti oxidants and is excellent raw with a unique flavor. Use fresh and in its young form chopped as a salad, use as a wrap, fry in bacon fat in the morning or sauté with butter as a side.

Kale:  Frilly leaves, dark greens and purples.  I like to harvest kale for you at a younger stage than what you may be used to.  It will be more tender and fresh and can be eaten raw much more pleasantly.  Some big kale may also be included. Enjoy in salads, use as wraps, steam, fry or blend as a shake. Super versatile, nutrient dense food you can’t get enough of.

Roquette Arugula: Long, dark green, broad, arrow-shaped leaves form loose open bunch. This salad green is super spicy, distinctive flavor, not bitter.  Great on sandwiches, burgers, or with fresh fish.  I take prosciutto, spread a little cream cheese across it, add a dab of a marmalade and two or three leaves of arugula placed in the middle...then roll the prosciutto around the fillings.  Makes a delicious and impressive snack.

Fresh Basil: Purple and Greek.  Wonderful flavor.  Take a leaf and gently roll it into a tube.  Then take a sharp knife and slice thin little rolled wisps.  Top eggs, soups, salads,  with this beautiful herb.  


Half Dozen Pastured, Non Gmo Verified, Organic Certified, No Soy Fed Multi Colored First Year Chicken Eggs! Now say that with a mouth full.

Basically you have the connect on the best eggs you will ever find.  You will definitely notice the difference.  Great scrambled, slow fried, or hard boiled.  

I realized that most of you will not be as familiar with what vegetables you are receiving as I am.  I will post a blog every week, in the coming weeks, with a picture of what everything is and a little bit about it.  It will be quick and explanatory.  

I hope this will be a handy reference for you at

I hope everyone is happy.  This is a new project for me and I greatly appreciate all of your kind support. I hope the rest of the season is abundant.  

I have purple and green broccoli, plum radish, spicy arugula, wild kale, multi colored carrots, mesclun mix, beets, purple tomato, cucumber, and much more established.  

There have been some set backs as well.  The first plantings of spinach, chard and beets were nearly wiped out by a leaf bug called a ‘miner.’  They eat the leaves and make things stressful and not as perfect as you would like. I can’t sell most of these early crops in good faith. In the future I will have to cover most of my crops with a thin cloth or row cover which lets water and sun in but keeps bugs out.  I am covering nearly half of the beds in the coming weeks.  

I do not spray chemicals on the food that I grow for people to eat.  I am committed to raising vegetables that are free of chemicals.  I would like to eat as few chemicals as possible and offer you the chance to do so as well. 

Only as a last resort when all of my other efforts have failed will I spray a certified organic product that is specific only to the issue that I am having.  I currently have my chickens surrounding my plots fending off the locust. 

As a result of this, some of the growies will have minor signs of buggy damage.  I do all that I can to prevent it through sustainable farming practices. One of the unique features of a CSA is that you get an opportunity to try real genuine varied food and be a part of what a growing season brings. 

Such as cold damage from wind temp on June 12!

Above is one sad Cucumber who was already flowering.  I don't know if they will come back from this cold hit.  Some did survive and I have germinating backups. Below is damaged Buckwheat cover crop which highlights how sporadic the cold can settle in on plants.

I hope all of this gives you some incite and helps you and your family get the most out of the CSA.  More to come.  Thank you again. 

Please return the coolers, small container, and ice bottles by Thursday. 

Your Farmer and Friend,