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Bad Ass Farmer Vol. 8

Alex Ekins

Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin is the most accomplished and well known autistic professional in the world. She is a professor of animal science at Colorado State University.  And a serious badass. 

Do to her autism she developed an uncanny ability to understand the nature of livestock behavior. 

Even though she didn't speak until the age of four, Miss Grandin single handedly revolutionized the way in which livestock are handled.  Most major slaughterhouses now use her designs.    

She related her childhood feelings of being threatened and anxious to the way animals feel in captivity.  As a result, she designed new facilities and handling practices.  Some of these improvements include curved, solid walls.  Simple you may think, but dramatically different.  

Cattle were, and still are, poked and prodded and rushed and pushed and forced through chutes, all with flashing lights, and loud noises and worked up humans running around.  That is the type of environment that greatly stresses an animal.  A stressed animal hurts itself, other animals and people.  This then turns the meat bad and ruins the whole point of raising the animal in the first place. 

So out of all those longhorn ranchers and roping cowboys in history none of them ever came to the same wisdom that this awesome autistic woman did.

She applied keen observation and loving compassion to the management of animals. 

The reason I love Temple Grandin so much is that even as an outsider's outsider she was able to  redefine an industry based simply on good ideas. 

"You cannot tell other people they are stupid, even if they really are stupid."

Temple Grandin, Bad Ass Farmer!