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Bad Ass Farmers Vol. 1

Alex Ekins

Helen Nearing


Helen Nearing was a free spirit born into comfort, travel and romance.  She grew to appreciate a life built on higher philosophic principles and mental sharpness.  Helen had a persistent and vigorous dedication to a life of excellence.

Helen Nearing and her husband Scott Nearing ( see Bad Ass Farmer Vol. 2 ) lived a rural, self-sufficient life that drew the admiration and curiosity the world over.  Helen committed herself to living the good life.  She wrote and co-wrote over 11 books, traveled much of the world, erected stone buildings by hand and grew all of her own food.

The Nearings proved it was possible to live an independent and sustainable life.  They were the inspiration behind much of the back to the land movement.  The Nearing's gardening practices shaped the future of organic agriculture.

Helen Nearing also played the recorder in the nude and had a vice for fresh ice cream.

If you are interested, I highly recommend you read "Living the Good Life" and "Continuing the Good Life".

Helen Nearing, Bad Ass Farmer!