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The Week That Was

Alex Ekins

Well its been one hell of a week. 

I designed and built my new mobile chicken coop for the pastured egg laying hens. More on this later.

I met with a wonderful young entrepreneur, Miss Jenny Van Cott, who is going to start using Ace of Spades Farm as a source for her meal plan and grocery delivery service here in Spokane called Pantry Fuel.

I also discovered a wonderful little catering company and commercial kitchen, via Jenny, called Gardens at Sunset that I will be collaborating with in the near future.  More on this later as well.

I met the produce purchaser from the Main COOP, Jill Herrera, and look forward to providing them the most beautiful produce in the coming seasons.  

I met David Blaine, Owner of Central Foods, and spent some time discussing the intricacies of our local food system.

I went and had some drinks with Beth Robinette.

Then on Saturday Linc Foods and Linc Farmers officially merged and incorporated our bylaws into one single organization called LINC Foods.  This is a really big deal. More on our plans for global domination later.

It was also my three year old niece's birthday, so I ate some pizza and played with the family.

There are also new products available in the Farm Shop...

Your farmer and friend,