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Bad Ass Farmers Vol. 3

Alex Ekins

Masanobu Fukuoka

Masanobu Fukuoka proved that following your intuition is always better than doing what you are told.

He gave about zero fucks that everybody thought he was crazy.  

And as a result he became the most bad ass zen farmer ever, period.

He started out like a very good boy.  He went to the university, studied science and got a good job.  Then he became very ill and he lost faith in modern science and healthcare.  He left the lab and hospitals behind him and returned to his fathers land to begin his vision of farming.

Fukuoka once observed a bank along side a major road and realized that it was thriving with multitudes of plant, animal and insect species.  This area had been left alone from human intrusion and was more productive than the area that was mowed and controlled.

He says that he had a spiritual awakening.  From then on he would follow the ways of nature.  From this he concluded not to till the soil, not to weed, not to apply fertilizer or pesticides, not to prune his trees and not to use mechanized tools.  Why you ask? Well nature doesn't do those things.

He came up with what he called "Natural Farming."  This was really a system of following the patterns of nature and harnessing natural cycles and flows of energy.  This may sound all wu-wu but it isn't.  

Water behaves in a certain way, such as that it always flows 90* to contour.  The sun will always be in the same spot at the same time on the same day.  Blowing wind cools, rocks absorb heat, seasons change. These are flows of energy that behave in a certain observable fashion.  

Fukuoka simply became aware of the energy patterns around him and harnessed them in such a way as to be extremely productive and ecologically beneficial. He was able to out produce his modern mechanized neighbors and improve his soil in the process.   

This became a way of life for him.  As a zen rice farmer he lived a very simple and beautiful life.

He wrote "The One-Straw Revolution" amongst four other works that describe his life and philosophy.  He was a true inspiration and a beautiful human being.

Masanobu Fukuoka, Bad Ass Farmer!