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Alex Ekins

Last weekend I had the pleasure to visit with Beth Robinette at her family ranch The Lazy R.

Beth was under the weather, but she was still kind enough to go out and kick the shit with me.

Out on the paddock, Beth casually lets out a single call, and here entire herd turns and approaches.  She is truly a Holistic Manger Extraordinaire! 

I am constantly impressed by the depth of knowledge she carries.  For every silly question I ask she has an intelligently nuanced answer.  Every time we hang out I get smarter.  She always motivates me to produce the highest quality food in the most sustainable way for my community.

My words do no justice to how important Beth Robinette is to creating a healthy food system in the Inland Northwest.

Simple put, Beth is my new hero.  I am proud to call her a friend and colleague. 

If you live around Spokane, WA and want the pinnacle of local 100% grass fed beef from start to finish, then contact Beth at The Lazy R Ranch.

But hurry, she sells out!

Your farmer and friend,