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Up On The Palisades

Alex Ekins

If you go west from downtown Spokane, WA and follow Riverside through Brownes Addition over the junction of Latah Creek with the Spokane River, and up to Government Way, you come to the entrance of Indian Canyon.  Greenwood Road runs up through this Ponderosa Pine lined canyon.  This area is the traditional winter camp of the Spokane Indians.  The famous Spokane Gary was born here and died here.  If you do not know the story of his life, I encourage you to discover more. 

Historic photograph of a Spokane Indian winter camp located in Indian Canyon

Continuing up West Greenwood Road you begin to see the giant basalt columns that form what is locally referred to as Rimrock.  This formation rises up above the valley that Spokane sits in.  Formally this is called Palisades Park.  Atop the Palisades is one of the best views of Spokane.  Numerous trails meander through this wonderful setting.  Recently the native species and wildlife have been making a return due to local conservation efforts. Its an amazing place to have a hike and a picknick. 

View from atop the Palisades in Spokane, WA 

Just back from the edge of the Palisades, sits another historic site.  The little red school house, as we all call it, is one of the oldest single room school houses in Washington State. An elderly neighbor lady actually attended this school.  Recently the school has begun to be restored. This site also had a trading post nearby.  As children we would dig up old forks and tin cans and other gems of the Wild West.

The Little Red School House

Just a minute down the road sits Ace of Spades Farm. My family has been in the area since it was the Washington Territory.  My great grandfather was a real cowboy.  He was an original member of the Appaloosa Club, ran cattle and boarded horses.  He purchased our land and built the home that I grew up in.  His operation at the time was called The Broken Wheel Ranch.  I can only hope to be half the man that he was.

Ace of Spades Farm was once my great grandfather's Broken Wheel Ranch

Old farm implements and a hand built workshop

The pump house and classic spreader 

This is where I come from.  This place runs four generations deep in my family.  I love it here.  I love my land, my neighbors and this community.  

It is a special place, little known to most Spokanites.  I encourage everyone to discover the history of where they live.  And to listen to their roots and follow their hearts.  

My heart has lead me to revitalizing this old ranch that I grew up on.  My vision is to create a viable, fulfilling farming enterprise, to restore and improve the land, offer my community healthy opportunities and foster the local organic food movement. 

Up on the Palisades.

Your farmer and friend,



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