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What's In A Name?

Alex Ekins

Ace of Spades Farm draws its name from a long line of lore, legend and etymology.

The Ace of Spades is also known as the "Spadille".

Spadille will be the name of this farm blog.

The highest card in the deck is the Ace of Spades. It also conjures the idea of a trick up one's sleeve.  Which is useful in farming.

Spade is composed of the root words "spa" and "-de." Spa is "to draw out" and -de is "down from." Spade means to draw from the down.  Spade is a very apt word for the name of a tool used to dig or remove earth or spread soil. 

History shows symbology to be in constant flux.  Many prominent images of today have all had different meanings. In the past, the Ace of Spades playing card has represented death. In farming, there is the constant presence of the cycle of life.

On an interesting note, in "Animal Farm", George Orwell uses the Ace of Spades as the playing card both pigs draw in the game at the end of the novel. 

Ace of Spades Farm also plays on the tradition of using double entendre in naming farms.  Farmers always had a sense of humor in naming their farms.  Such as, Poverty Road Farm. No really, they farmed on Poverty Road. 

I am the Ace, of Spades.