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There is a difference between good food and fantastic food.

We are DEEP ORGANIC FARMERS of family land, of nutrient-rich living-soil, of blood, sweat and tears, of bare hands and open hearts.

We believe that exceptional meals bring us together, create culture and give us a sense of place in the world.

Exceptional meals are the result of exceptional flavor which, to us, is the result of produce grown in harmony with nature.

Ace of Spades Farm uses no tillage, tractors, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or genetically modified organisms.

We farm radically different than others.

We are agricultural outsiders… radical farmers who cut to the core of how to produce food and the meaning of this action.

We use no gasoline or fossil fuels to produce food.

We cultivate a mere quarter of an acre of land by hand.

We build fertility and tilth naturally.

We select specific varieties, times and places to grow.

We embrace the stories, histories and legacy that the vegetables comes to us with.

We question, observe, and adapt.

We do not do this because of ideology, luddite tendencies or minimalism.

We do this because it results in exceptional flavor.

Flavor from soil that is methodically cared for.

Flavor from healthy plants in a natural environment.

Flavor from watching patiently until the perfect moment in which a plant speaks its own TRUTH.

Truth of flavor, beauty and health.

And this is the produce that we offer to our community and chefs… gourmet specialty produce that inspires and regenerates our land, mind and bodies.

Alexander Ekins and Amy Dolomont are the sole owner operators of ACE OF SPADES FARM.

We are located only four miles from downtown Spokane, WA USA.

We sell at the THURSDAY MARKET on South Perry Street 3-7 pm.

We proudly serve the finest establishments in the Spokane area such as: The Davenport, The CD’A Resort, Ruins, Central Food, Inland Pacific Kitchen, Sante, Masselow’s, Table 13, Clover, Casper Fry, Durkins, The Wandering Table, Cochinito, Gonzaga University, Washington State University, Spokane Public Schools, Main Market, Huckleberries, The Rocket Market and more.

We offer seasonally curated weekly local farm boxes.

We also offer a weekly winter greens and shoots box.

Our products are available through the farm shop.

Flavor Beauty Health

Deep Organic Farming